I see you, birth nerd.

I recognise the perfume of potent passion-filled potential.

You want to change the world with your own blazing, spirited, brand of firepower. 

You want to play a fierce and fearless role in shaking up the birthing revolution.

But you’re asking yourself…

How can I go from being just another ‘doula working by word of mouth’ to bringing rocket fuel to my client’s birth experience?

How can I smash the stereotype that birth work is a passion-only project?

How can I scale my birth business so that it serves my clients & I for a lifetime?

How can I run a series of killer classes, workshops and retreats?

How can I make birth photography the artistic platform that connects birthing mamas to their own powerful feminine awesomeness?

How can I bring some substantial coin to my back pocket while doing the work I love?

I hear you asking….

How can I change the game?

Three years ago I was working as a Doula and Birth Photographer living strictly on adrenalin from all-nighters at lengthy births, backing up my days looking after my young family, all the while wondering how we were going to put petrol in the car.

I wanted to be there for my clients.

I wanted to give them my all.

But the reality was that I was drained and ready to give up. My empathetic heart was bruised, my energy levels were teetering on non-existent, and my bank balance was feeling the impact of my vulnerable over-giving tendencies.

I felt alone in an industry that was literally bursting with open-hearted birth professionals but lacked an inter-connected community.  I was able to support my clients to rock their big-hearted birth dreams but lacked the crystal-clear conviction to support myself to achieve mine.

I saw first hand how little support there was available to birth workers looking for industry-specific skills and strategy. Women who were bridging the very important gaps in mainstream maternal care, yet were universally left feeling under-resourced, under prepared and completely overwhelmed.

I was one of them.

And whilst my head said it was too hard, my stubborn heart refused to give up.  When I asked myself the question,

“How I could possibly get everyone on this planet a positive birth experience AND bring value to the contributions of birth workers everywhere?”

I realised that my best bet at doing so was by fuelling a new generation of professionals who value their work and value themselves.

A sassy and sexy League of trailblazers and troublemakers who wanted to lead the rebellion and elevate the birth industry to stellar heights.

I created my powerful signature program, Heart & Hustle, because I believe this work, our collective work, is hugely important and it deserves to be nurtured as such.

I want to see myths dispelled and resistance redirected as Doulas, Midwives and other birth professionals come into their full power and make the most impact.

Heart and Hustle is a stimulating and vibrant opportunity for maternal and perinatal professionals who are aching to turn their passions into sustainable and thriving careers. Women who want to get away from the curse of the ‘hobby job’ and make some real moolah from their manifestations and motivations.

I specifically target the lusty confidence and fierce intuition of women who are ravenous for the guidance, strategy and savvy to ramp their businesses to the next level. And I mean, NEXT LEVEL.

No more playing small, my birth-lovin’ friend. I am bringing you a world-class movement of heart-focused, oxytocin-fueled, soul-driven entrepreneurs in the birth world.

Watch the RAD replay where Bianca at BeboMia and I chat about the value of Birth work, where our industries are going and why collaboration trumps competition – every time.

Heart & Hustle is a business program that I created to give passionate birth professionals the savvy they need to build rock-solid thriving and fulfilling businesses. An eclectic, fast-paced and motivational online course that rocks the hats of mastermind and mentorship, too. It is the foundation on which small ideas launch into the outer-reaches of business certainty.

Are you ready for the GOLD?

This is next generation business strategy infused with poise and feminine guile to take you and your vocation to the peak of your game. Get ready, my darlin’, because we are talking about you becoming a superstar in your chosen niche. Rocking your pursuits with your own unique zest and vision.

Enrolment in Heart & Hustle guarantees life-time access to a sweet and brazen concoction of explosive audio, video, written and direct content. A balanced combination of structured modules and expansive extras, with slick and sharp special guests, a collaborative think tank, and the collective industrious spirit to amplify your aspirations.

Heart & Hustle oozes compelling accountability, dynamic inspiration, and the manifesting mojo to shift your enterprising mindset into high gear.

This is not some average here’s-a-couple-of-articles-and-an-old-webinar style of ho-hum delivery. You deserve so much more than that.

So let’s break it down…

Heart & Hustle is a strategic investment that offers:

  • LIFE TIME access to current and updated content – no hidden costs, once you are in YOU ARE IN.
  • 6 Modules covering the mission-critical MUST DO content to make your business SHINE.
  • An ever-growing abundance of candid videos on both site & FB Live where I share the latest tips, tricks and insights so you get sharper, smarter and savvier in your business decisions.
  • Dozens of guest contributions from shining stars across a number of industries bringing a wealth of upbeat knowledge and wicked wisdom.
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook think tank and sounding board – THIS is where the magic happens!
  • Regular insightful involvement from ME on a daily basis. I want to see you reach EPIC proportions and will be looking out for you – oh YES!
  • Member pricing for 1-1 calls with me – often super helpful when you’ve completed the first X modules to drill down on your sweet spot
  • First dibs on limited mentoring spots when they become available – a powerful opportunity to anchor your business and amplify results
  • Discounts on workshops and events where we get to hook up in PERSON!
  • Promotional offers and discount codes from other businesses to complement your learnings
  • Unlimited access to limited replay webinars – more of me in your life!

And to make sure that you’ve got your legal and contractual obligations rock solid, enrollment into Heart & Hustle gets you lawyer approved:

  • Doula Contract
  • Doula & Birth Photography Contract
  • Birth Photography Contract
  • Placenta Encapsulation Contract
  • Back Up Doula Contract
  • Back Up Doula & Birth Photography Contract
  • Back Up Birth Photography Contract

Valued at $632

Whilst the work you do is unique to you, you are not alone. In addition, to my unwavering belief in you, you are going to be surrounded by a bevy of the most high-vibing, connected, goal-seeking lady bosses on the planet. Simultaneously smashing their own business targets, and supporting you to go after your vision with laser-sharp focus.

Becoming a member of Heart & Hustle gifts you access to an elite society of luminary leading figures in the world of courageous birth professionals.

It’s a mastermind of magic and it is all at your fingertips.

And you get ALL of this explosive oxytocin goodness for a one-time payment of $999.

Pay in Full

  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!

I'm Ready!

Payment Plan

$99/monthly x 12
  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!

I'm Ready!

You’ve got the Q’s – I’ve got the A’s.

I'm not certified as a Doula yet - will I benefit from the course?

HECK YES. If you are looking to certify in the near future and are certain you want to escape the curse of the hobby job, investing in Heart & Hustle will give you a serious leg up once you are ready to start booking clients.

I love an early bird. And babe, the early bird always gets the worm.

If you are aspirational, in the beginning stages of starting this career and serious about making this your life’s work – you are in the right place.

Do you guarantee results?

My lawyer tells me I can’t guarantee you anything except taxes and death, but I feel pretty damn comfortable telling you that if you believe in the value of your work, show up and take wholehearted action – you will see those results.

But don’t take my word for it – check out what some of my students had to say!

Working with Angela is literally changing my life! Before I found Heart and Hustle my business was in shambles and I truly had ZERO idea what to do, where to go and how to get closer to my ultimate goal. Since working with Angela and completing the Heart and Hustle online course I have been filled with renewed enthusiasm, a completely new direction and more importantly a tangible plan that allows me to move forward with confidence, and clarity. I literally cannot put into words the gratitude, love and admiration I have for Angela and what Heart & Hustle has have brought to my life, my business and my dreams. PS the private Facebook group it THE BEST!!! It is full of wise, amazing people all keen to make a difference in the birthing world!

Angela Gallo not only transformed my business, but my life and being in the best possible way! I am super excited about all that Heart and Hustle has brought into my life. He Mentorship program is not only well built and helping you to build your ideas into a business of your life, but it also gathered a beautiful bunch of ‘powerhouse’ ladies with so much compassion love and wisdom! It is amazing to know that I am not the only one who is beyond passionate about the birthing world. ♡

Heart & Hustle changed my life!!!
Angela is one of a kind and by far the BEST mentor in the perinatal industry. If you are stuck in a rut, lost, looking for direction or ready to give up… You need Heart & Hustle, One year ago… I was ready to give up, I was tired of not making money, I was tired of working for free, I didn’t value my service and know one else did. I had zero self confidence, I was hiding behind a ridiculous business name and bland branding, I had no idea how to get to where I wanted to be and I was constatnly wondering why my people were not finding me. Angela helped me take my business to the Next Level. She helped me get right back to basics and work back up from there. Im not going to lie it has been tough and it has taken LOTS of hard work, but having Angela by my side has made the process so enjoyable, her gentle guidance (and gentle kick up the butt when I need it) and her killer content really got me digging deep into the inner depths of my soul, It got me thinking hard about what direction I want my business to go in, thinking about what success looks like to me and how I can achieve that and here I stand now closer than ever before to owning and running the birth biz of my dreams.
Oh and the exclusive Facebook group is the bomb!! Full of amazing and inspirational people all working in our industry, a sound board to bounce ideas off, amazing women who can pick me up when I am feeling down and defeated and who are there to celebrate all my wins with me! It really is like one big supportive family, you don’t want to miss out on!
Do not delay joining heart and hustle, it is an investment you will not regret!!

What if my internet access is limited?

Short answer – you can’t do business without the internet. Although yes, you technically can very much take advantage of the content without it, you won’t be able to successfully navigate the strategic biz end of your endeavours without it.

What if my competitors are already in the group?

I don’t believe in competition. I believe in inspired connection and rock n’ roll collaboration. I believe that when one of us excels, our collective industries benefit from that win. I am passionate about elevating our respective industries and this can only happen when we work together.

Furthermore, there ain’t no shortage of pregnant or birthing people. Practice common courtesy and business etiquette then hustle on!

Do I need an established business to join?

You do NOT need an established business to join Heart & Hustle. What you DO need is a fire in your belly and a strong desire to make waves with your work.

Regardless of what stage your business is at, I want to see you hot for your vocation and hungry for success.

What if I haven't even sorted out a logo or business name yet?

Heart & Hustle stands true to take you from concept to creation. The Facebook group is a great place to brainstorm ideas and seek feedback and I am happy to help inspire ideas for a logo & business name but it then becomes your responsibility to action them in a big way.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely. There is an option to spread payments over 12 months for those requiring more affordability!

As you consider whether Heart & Hustle is the program for you, I want you to ask yourself…

“Am I worthy of superior and next-level investment?”

I believe in your spirit. I believe in your potential.
I believe in your own personal version of success and accomplishment.

From where I’m standing, you can make one of 2 decisions.

1. Continue to make excuses as to why you can’t get to where you want to be.

2. Jump in and cultivate the luscious, rewarding professional landscape you envision.

“I don’t know if I can afford this.”

99% of members who are actively devouring content and applying it to their businesses, are going on to elevate their birth biz in a BIG way. Simply book ONE client and your investment into Heart & Hustle has paid for itself. Can you afford NOT TO invest in your future?

“I don’t have the time.”
The brilliant thing about time is we can always make some available for the work or people we prioritize. We have days full of time to use. Hours of sunshine and millions of minutes to harness. Is this work important to you? Are the dreams and goals you have for yourself important enough to dedicate time to? If you can make yourself available for a minimum of 5 hours a week, use the tools and advice I provide for managing your time, and develop clear systems an structure that work for you…you can make anything happen.

All I ask is a resounding HELL YES or a big HELL NO. Everything in between is noise and excuses. Heart & Hustle is about commitment, clarity, consistency and results. Are you ready?

Mourn-out rates for birth workers are off the charts. I mourn the lost opportunity, as the vast majority of newly accredited professionals fall off the radar in less than a year.

So many budding entrepreneurs are left high and dry after training, treading water because they lack the critical savvy to propel their new business to success.

Babe, it is a white hot truth that without business knowledge, it is incredibly difficult to create a profitable, thriving, viable business model that supports your clients and serves YOU.

If you want to make money doing something you love, without having to sell your soul, then add Heart & Hustle to your investment strategy and let’s amplify your trajectory to a prosperous and flourishing career.

And if you’re kinda keen, but this isn’t the right time to sign up, then check out my Building a Birth Business webinars you can access clicking here to join my list and give me a shout when you’re really ready to go STELLAR with your career aspirations.

Heart & Hustle is a group of individuals answering a call; a call to be bigger, brighter, bolder and braver.

We are the professionals making a difference to those we serve, stepping up to our power, and working our asses off to build something bigger than us. Who believe that if you do what you love, live your truth and do the work – abundance will always follow.

If this is you, if you are feeling the call to join the growing ranks of professionals who are challenging the status quo; the risk takers, the committed and the courageous…

Then I invite you to join the global

Heart & Hustle Collective!

Pay in Full

  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline

  • your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!
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Payment Plan

$99/monthly x 12
  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline

  • your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!
I'm Ready!

Sign Up is easy peezy.

Choose from the payment plans above and click I’m ready!

Create an account & we’ll get your login deets straight to you!

Grab a coffee (or a margarita, I’m not judging!)

Log in to your account.
Access your content.
Make magic happen.

After certifying as a Doula in 2014, I felt both outrageously clueless and grossly underprepared to set up a business. I quickly realized I needed much more than passion and good intention to run the business of my dreams.

Many times I came close to leaving the industry but I remained steadfast in my dedication to creating a career that would positively impact as many birthing people as possible – and so I turned my attention to learning. And I was insatiable. I devoured courses, programs, books and podcasts. I inhaled ‘how-to’ guides and proven formulas. I read every inspiring story of women who had felt the fear and done it anyway, revelling in their tips and tools. I became bewitched by their determined mindset and channelled their bold self-assuredness.

Their success was sexy and captivating.

And I was hooked.

Through fear that I wasn’t smart enough or educated enough or technical enough, I deep-dived on topics that I had previously thought were beyond me.

Instead, I got up-close-and-personal with MUST KNOW birthy business concepts like:

Developing a solid branding strategy.

Functional websites that SELL your product and get you BOOKED.

Confident communications and copy that sizzles.

Nailing client meetings.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Owning your personality and passion to develop edge in the market.

Creating passive streams of income.

Blogging for traffic AND profit.

Converting followers into infatuated clients.

Understanding your ideal client, what they need and how to create an outstanding offer that rocks their world.

Creating marketing that works for our industries.

Maximising social media to your advantage.

Building a community that works for you.

Since I made the decision in 2015 to step up and really OWN my value and invest in myself and my business with steadfast conviction, I have blown the roof off my own expectations of what is possible when you create an authentic business with both profit and purpose.

I’ve rocked the airwaves of radio stations and American television.

I have grown my Instagram & Facebook following to an impressive 50,000+ loyal birth nerds.

I’ve been featured in over 50 online & print publications.

I wrote a kickass book for hot mama to be’s, ‘My No Bullshit, Back To Basics Guide On How To Birth Like A Boss’.

I successfully launched my first crowdfunding campaign to publish an educational photo book in 2018.

I have collaborated successfully with a dozen different like-minded businesses.

My website has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times from visitors all around the world.

Plus I have raised thousands of dollars for charitable organisations I admire.

‘C’mon Angela, this all sounds great but give us the numbers!’


So glad you asked, because let’s face it babe – money talks.

After starting my business in 2014, I have multiplied my earnings by…

5 times in 2015
20 times in 2016

And in the last 12 months, I have joined the 6-figure club with earnings of over $100,000!

There has been no use of magic formulas or get-rich-quick recipes.

With mesmerising attention to my craft and fiery determination to become profitable, I have intentionally created my business from concept to creation.

I have been consistently stretched, challenged and pushed to the outer reaches of what I thought was possible, but I have always remained true to my cause, fueled by a deep inner knowing that I am worthy and capable.

I am already actively investing in the actions needed to make this year the most off-the-charts EPIC to date. And I’m not afraid to say it.

After all, with courage, comes conviction.

This year I intend to earn over $250,000 in the birth industry. As a Doula, Birth Photographer, and Business Mentor.

And it’s not just me. After a whole lot of radical learning and wildly fulfilling success, I decided to put what I learnt to paper and inspire like-minded birth workers to do the same!

This is where Heart & Hustle was born – straight from my desires to see our industries respected, celebrated and elevated. By encouraging those I teach to act like compassionate professionals with BIG dreams, we are collectively raising the standard in which women and their families are served AND raising our profiles as savvy successful business women. 

With more than 120 active and articulate birth professionals in the Heart & Hustle alumni ranks, their results are already breaking down barriers and causing a tsunami of profit and prosperity.

So what results are members of Heart & Hustle raving about?

They feel significantly more confident communicating their worth.

They’re booking more dream clients and dropping the energy-sucking activities they were previously accustomed to.

They’re doubling (and tripling!) their prices without batting an eyelid.

What’s even more special than the above?

With attention to detail and commitment to deliver on a heart-and-soul based business strategy, more than 3000 birthing women and their families have felt the positive ripple effect of Heart & Hustle.

When women take ACTION and make radical shifts to back themselves, whether that be in business or in birth, it lifts the vibration on bigger, bolder, more bad-ass business possibility.

And that totally lights me up.

I doubled my prices, let go of not being ‘good enough’ and have made more money in the last 12 months than the last 10 years combined. This has by far been the most productive year of my business and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the content Heart & Hustle provides.

Bree Downes

She Births, Doula and Birth Photographer

I have learnt to grow my social media presence in a genuinely authentic way and attract hoards of like-minded followers, by being ME – something I had a real hard time doing before Heart & Hustle. Getting raw and vulnerable has seen my posts go viral and reach 500k with 30k shares.

Peta Tuck

Doula, Childbirth Educator and Blogger

In the 4-months since joining Heart & Hustle, my childbirth education business has gone from strength to strength. Previously, I had months with no client bookings at all, and now I have 2 courses close to fully booked each month. I’ve been interviewed twice on local radio and been a guest on a podcast, two things I never thought I would have the confidence to do before. I was also successful in getting a proposal accepted at a local hospital to teach HypnoBirthing. The difference this course has made to my confidence and my purpose has been amazing.

Michelle Clift

Hypnobirthing Victoria

I was already pretty established, people already knew who I was but I just needed that bit of help doing soul searching. I knew what I *needed* to do but lacked the motivation to OR accountability to do it. I get that with Heart & Hustle. 1,000,000,000%. And in the 8-months or so I have been in the program, I have seen MASSIVEEEEE growth to my business, foundation, attitude and personally as a human.

Lacey Barratt

Documentary and Birth Photography + Creator of Lacey Barratt LIVE

If you are truly committed to taking your business NEXT LEVEL, then the sassy and sultry strategy of Heart & Hustle is specifically designed to be your soul-shaking guiding light. THIS is the business framework that is going to inspire you to infuse your authenticity, intent, strategy and the fiery drive into your offerings to take you to the places that YOU want to be. This course will transform the way you do business – from the inside out.

But I want to be clear.

This program is not for everyone.

Heart & Hustle is EXPLICITLY designed for passionate birth professionals who are looking to elevate their presence, monetize their purpose, and collectively push forward their respective field. Entrepreneurs that are ready to LEAP with clarity, confidence and soul.

I am talking to those of you that are ready for BIG TIME shifts.

This program is not for the “maybe… one day… I just don’t know… it seems expensive” brigade. I am not going to stroke your ego, or support you to go softly towards your dreams.

Oh no.

Heart & Hustle is going to push you waaaaay outside of your comfort zone, it is going to extend your reach to a global audience and it will absolutely positively guarantee that you deliver a red-hot captivating and convincing response when asked ‘What do you do?

If you are seeking a definitive, unquestionable, no-ifs-or-buts, approach to business savvy, then I am talking to YOU.

Have I mentioned that if you join the Heart & Hustle club today you get guaranteed access to content – FOREVER. Current content, new content and all future content.

Yeah – you are reading that correctly. $999 gets you a seat into the ultra slick, uber hot, mega motivating, game-changing MEMBERS ONLY area of Heart & Hustle TODAY.

Wondering how you can afford to join? My question is – how can you afford not to join? Simply book ONE full paying client and this program pays for itself!

Are you ready for this?

It is time for the big time and shake up birth once and for all.

Pay in Full

  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!

I'm Ready!

Payment Plan

$99/monthly x 12
  • + Lifetime access to ALL current and future content + full use of my legal library (contracts + agreements) + industry-specific templates, intakes and documents to streamline your workflow + dedicated bundles crafted to propel your business to success!

I'm Ready!

Let’s take a moment

Can you see the future?

I do.

It’s early next Spring and I have started my day in my favourite way. Coffee, kids and a hefty dose of Vitamin D at the beach. I sit down at my desk and feel a shiver of anticipation. There is a feeling in the air, a sensation, a shift.

I see your name amongst my emails and smile.

You have always enticed me and intrigued me. A rich combination of passion, of desire, of self-worth.

You are an empathetic heart, with a fervour to change the world.

You remind me of me.

Your growth over the last few months has been spectacular. You started with a standard foundation in your industry but you knew you wanted more. You have blossomed in the most incredible way – a recognised powerhouse of ambition and altruism.


You have completely rebranded, elevated your online presence with gleaming graphic design, doubled your prices, upgraded your client base – you are CHOOSY about who you work with, and moved mountains to get radical traction from your people.

You have done the INNER work. You have done the OUTER work.

You are a courageous, fire-eating, vixen and you are GOING PLACES.

I am so proud of you.